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Nicolau Leal Werneck


I am an electrical engineer, and I obtained my doctorate at USP in 2012 supervised by Anna Helena Reali Costa. See my resume for more information.

Main research interests: pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, signal processing, optimization and computation in general.

Research work

A few selected publications:

Corisco: Robust edgel-based orientation estimation for generic camera models (2013)
Nicolau Leal Werneck and Anna Helena Reali Costa. Image and VIsion Computing 31(12), pp. 969–-981.
Mapping with monocular vision in two dimensions (2010)
Nicolau Leal Werneck and Anna Helena Reali Costa. International Journal of Natural Computing Research 1(4), pp. 56–65.
Speeding up probabilistic inference of camera orientation by function approximation and grid masking (2011)
Nicolau Leal Werneck and Anna Helena Reali Costa. 19th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision - WSCG’2011. WSCG2011 Communication proceedings.
Monocular visual mapping with the Fast Hough Transform (2010)
Nicolau Leal Werneck and Anna Helena Reali Costa. Anais do VI Workshop de Visão Computacional, ISSN: 2175-6120.

See more at the publications section.


Small Akka-http + Dart application. Sources available at GitHub.
WIP, right now it is just a Dart based piano that can record and play back.

More stuff at my GitHub account.


Mostly about programming and technology. Whenever I have some cool piece of code I want to show other people, I talk about it here.
Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
My blog at SciLogs. About how science affects our lives and vice-versa. Kind of hibernating right now.

Elsewhere on the net

Mostly news retweets and bad jokes.
A few small projects and experiments, mostly.
I love my badges! Trying to reach 90th percentile on Algorithms and FP right now.
Some more professional information.
Google Plus
Usually not very active, but some interesting news sometimes that I only see there. Also a good place to post large content unfit for twitter.


I try to make all my work available in this webpage, but it is usually outdated. If you wish to contact me, please send an email with a reasonable subject to or Here is my public PGP key.